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Follow our Blog of ALL our videos and stay up to date at Each week I am going to put up a new video teaching you of a new word. I hope you like it. Fallacious-misleading Who is Marisa Bella? i am comedian, as well as an actress, i also have many talents i play gutiar and i am a singer/ songwriter, soon to be out will be my album, and clothing line "INK" ..MARISA BELLA is the name. i am a comedic actress, I practice my material in everyday life, my life is left in history books,everyday im learning my life is my creation. im a independent self sufficient human being. i know what i want and i go for it.i am sober, and live an amazing perfect, life. yes sober, everything is just perfect. now Twitter at Follow on Twitter- Marisa Bella- @MarisaBella88 -Model George Walker @rawstarr -Marketing/promotions/Executive Producer Editor Host- Marisa Bella Marketing by George Rawstarr Walker in association with Rawstarr Communications