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chief operating officer

chief operating officer

MinuteClinic on The Doctors: Get to Know MinuteClinic

4y ago


As seen on The Doctors Retail medical clinics are becoming a popular alternative for basic medical care, especially when a doctor's appointment is not available or emergency room visit is not necessary. MinuteClinic is the walk-in medical clinic inside more than 500 CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide. • The clinics are staffed by certified nurse practitioners who can diagnose, prescribe and treat common illnesses or injuries, including some chronic conditions. • MinuteClinic is open seven days a week with no appointment necessary. • Patients can also request that a copy of the visit form be sent to the patient's primary care physician to be added to an ongoing medical file. • All medical care is strictly based on clinical guidelines that are approved by medical societies. Featuring MinuteClinic nurse practitioner Kellie Kell and MinuteClinic President/Chief Operating Officer Andrew J. Sussman, M.D. (original airdate: 11/20/09) To see more of The Doctors, check out The Doctors TV channel here on YouTube or click here to find TV listings for the show in your area: