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railroad station

railroad station

Minitser of Piece (Song A Day #1296)

4y ago


Hey I'm a minister of peace Now let's go to war Tell Your people that we're coming And we'll take back what is ours All the little babies in the railroad station Gonna get blown up by the freedom bombs Hell will rain down on creation Till all is still until all is calm Now You'll witness all our power It's shocking really how mighty great we are Don't For a second try and fight it We'll knock you down before you know we're there All the little flowers in the garden growing Iridescent from the souped up soil Down from the moutons see the water flowing Into the ocean watch it boil PODCAST: LIKE ‪‬ RATE ‪‬ DOWNLOAD CALL (510) 402-6081 Other Places To Connect With Me: FOLLOW me on SoundCloud: FOLLOW me on Instagram: My username is jonathanmann FOLLOW me on Twitter: ‪‬ BE on my mailing list: ‪‬ SUBSCRIBE to me on Facebook: ‪‬ DO what they do on Google+: ‪‬ LOOK at my blog: ‪‬ PLAY with my App! ‪‬