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Mindless Behavior Love Story Roc Royal *Rated R EP:2

5y ago


(Y)- Means "Your Name'' *You and your friends arrive at MB's Hotel that their staying at for the week, you look around and see Roc calling you into his bedroom* Roc- (Y) come!! (Y)- Yes?? Roc- I really like you (Y)- We just met Roc! Roc- I know, that's why we should go on a little date first (Y)- *Gets Excited* Okay i'm into that Roc- *grins* great. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Ray Ray finally arrives to the hotel* Ray- Sorry i'm late everybody! i was getting some stuff* Tyra- Thats okay my dear Ray- Well hello mrs sexy Tyra- *Smiles* Prod- Yo guys i think i first date is the best idea before... Kayla- Yeah guys! * sits on prods lap* Prod- Yeah um, let's go right now! Roc- I found a resturant close by here, let's go!! Princeton- Alright come on babe *looks over at Jess* Jess- Oh yes baby ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *since prod's the oldest, he drives to the resturant* Waitor- how many? Prod- ehh 8 Waitor: right this way *everybody goes to sit down, but then Roc pulls you outside* (Y)- what now roc! Roc- i just wanted to ask you, will you be mine? (Y)- Yes of course!! *You kiss him on the lips* Roc- *starts putting his hand up your shirt* (Y)- Not here Babe *takes Rocs hands out* Roc- Right, sorry * holds your hand and walks you to the table* Ray - I guess someone went a little early! Roc- Shut up man *while smiling* Ray- *Turns to Tyra* will you be my girl? Tyra- Oh hell yes, jumps on ray kissing him crazily Princeton- Jess will-- *Jess cuts of princeton with a kiss* Jess- yes i will Prod- I gotta better way to ask you Kayla Kayla- Oh really? Prod- Your just have to wait a little later Kayla- Okay baby *bites lip* Ray Ray- Guys um i'm starting to get something peeking up my pants, let's get to the hotel pronto! Princeton- Good idea! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *at the hotel, roc once again takes you into his room* Roc- your sleeping with me right? (Y)- Of course! Roc- *starts to get a little horny since hes hearing Tyra moaning and screaming* (Y)- Roc i see your d--- Roc- Yes i know , & i know its a little early too so i-- (Y)- who said it was a little early? *pounces on roc, and starts kissing* Roc- you wanna? (Y)- its up too you babe Roc- *unbottons his shorts, and takes it out* (Y)- DAMN ROC!! Thatt shit huge! Roc- yeah i know, can you handle this? (Y)- i suppose so Roc-*takes of your clothes* and kissing you rubbing his thing all over *princeton barges in* Roc- SHIT MAN! puts his thing away Prince- you forgot the condom, just thought i'd give it to you Roc- oh yeah ight Prince- by the way Rebecca is on the phone Roc- *gives prince a dirty look* Princeton- she gotta know! *runs back to Jess* (Y)- Wait, whoes Rebecca? Roc- Uhm she's a ex (Y)- then why the heck are you still talking to her?! *puts clothes back on* Roc- its not what you think! we are still friends thats all (Y)- forget it Roc, thats one thing i dont play with Roc- No (Y) wait! (Y)- what roc? *tears fill up in your eyes* Roc- i have to tell you the truth, she wanted me to be her 1st (Y)- so you screwed her!? Roc- it wasn't while i was dating you though! (Y)- Naw man, i'm leaving. Roc- *chases after (Y)* (Y)- let me go! Roc- I love you, and if you leave i want you to know that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ep 3 coming next!