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after effects

after effects

Mindcrack Fan Server - S2E19 - Pig Jousting is Born! Alpha Testing

4y ago


Check it out from Skyzm's perspective: Twitter:!/AssyrianAssassn Intro: I made the 3D graphics using Cinema 4D with the help of my awesome brother BdoubleO100! The rest was created with After Effects and Screenflow. The music was created by myself with the program Reason. Check out our forum: Channels of the people I've played with on the server: MonkeyDK - (MonkeyDK provided the funds for this server) Guude - Skyzm - BdoubleO100 - X_Wing_Ian - Alphonia - MorgwenLP - Darkphan - DaedalusFX - CampbellsYT - PimpinPanda - DannychopsNZ - Peilla - Lorgon111 - Rainbowcrisp - Sixelona - W92Baj - Just_Defy - Tidzwiggle - BreePlaysGames - Don't feel obligated to give anything, but if you want to donate and support the channel, you can here: