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[Miku Hatsune & Lamaze-P] Embarrasxxx 恥ずかs××× [English Subtitles]

3y ago


Producer Comment: "'s a gift from god" ^o^  Haha another catchy song with a cutely illustrated PV by Lamaze-P. So the title is just the Japanese word for embarrassing, 恥ずかしい (Hazugashii) with the last three letters marked with xxx's. You can interpret that how you want, similar to several lines in the song which are subtle references to possibly "dirty things" as well. Kind of like how 目合 from "our eyes meet" by itself with the okurigana "わせる" can potentially reference a dirty thing. This song also might win the record for the most ~しまう/~ちゃう conjugations jammed into the same space lol. But for the most part this song is just about Miku in love in an adorable embarrassed way, I absolutely love it. Thanks for watching. It's been busy but I'll be trying to get back to some more requests and Deco songs here in the next week or so. I'll probably be posting my request list somewhere (like my blog) so people know what I am working on and what is coming down the pipe. Original Upload by LamazeP: Descent's translation/discussion Blog: Descent's Tumblr: Descent's Twitter:!/descent87