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the clutch

the clutch

Mike Stacks - Duke Westlake Cypher

4y ago


Click here to subscribe to FirstPeriodMusic so you will never miss an upload! ........ Check Out The Artists: Mike Stacks - Youtube: Twitter:!/MikeStacks609 Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­­- Subscribe To Me: My Tumblr: My Facebook: My Twitter:!/OfficialFPM My Soundcloud: My Website: My Second Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­­- Thanks to the people who are sending me PMs on YouTube saying to upload this new song, and sending me download links! It really helps! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­­- Song Download Link: Picture Download Link: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­- LYRICS: This A message to the haters I cater to getting paper went major without a major Tell majors I'll see you later Im indie but feelin greater Then half of these labels puppets They signed you for 4 months, You couldn't re-up the budget I run with a small circle No squares just wouldn't cut it Its funny how homie laughed Now he and his girl love it Stuffed this beat in the oven Cooked it up well done Retirin instrumentals And doin it just for fun Its crazy I've just begun But buzzin like im a bumble Im 24 in the clutch You 23 and just crumble humble but know im right screws loose but im tight some woman just love the hype so they hittin me up on skype the type to take your beat and kill it better then the orignal killin critical critics not doin this shit subliminal cannon bars cause im digital pivotal point in rappin emcees takin over and most'a these lames is actin the fact is that im an addict addicted to spittin ether you listenin through your speakers we ballin without the sneakers quit hittin me up for features when your flow is so so-so hold the ice-t, gimmie straight coco and that's a low blow check me from my logo's ya'll homo's, dressin lookin similar to hobo's an mofo's wonder why Im only bumpin joe fo cause all these other rappers suck, and that is fo sho im nicer with the cipher shittin on em no diaper ya girl I like her not the type to wifer only 1 nighter im not a fighter just a writer someone pass me a lighter ya flow sucks, wack fucks you a rhymery biter So bite it, roll it, stick it , ignite it high off life float around, get in a fight with a kite you don't like me? Alright another fool to the system of the radio play the track back, mikey stacks got a crazy flow where he at, dere he go, merry go round I got a girl from china town say she love to go down I hold it down for my city Fuck these industry clowns and Ima make it with a 50 dollar bill and my sound so What. Next, all these rappers soundin suspect and yeah you might be winnin but everyone loves an upset no sweat, yeah I'm underated as shit they keep they mouth opened wide I give them haters a tip, ya dig --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­- Subscribe To Us On YouTube