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michael badnarik

michael badnarik

Mike Shanklin Ben Lowrey WAKE UP CALL Episode 15 4th July 2012

2y ago


For voluntaryist t-shirts, bumper stickers, shot glasses, coffee mugs, buttons, and more... To Support The Message Of Freedom, Please Subscribe, Feature This Video On Your Channel, "Thumbs Up", Favorite, Share, Comment, & Video Respond! Mike Shanklin joins Ben Lowrey on episode 15 of "Wake Up Call" to discuss voluntaryism, the non-aggression principle, the state, and aggressive violence. Please "Like" the facebook page: Statism Is Slavery Thank you for your support Voluntary Virtues Mike Shanklin's youtube channel: Michael Shanklin on facebook: Peace, Freedom, Prosperity Website: Peace, Freedom, Prosperity Movement's Youtube Channel: More great videos: Statism Is Slavery Anarchy Rising Obama: "What Essentially Sets A Nation State Apart, The Monopoly On Violence" Freedom Is Positive & Obtainable Earth - The Insane Asylum Capitalism Is Anarchy Who's the #1 Polluter? The Government - And They Get Away W/ Murder You are NOT the government This Is Your Brain On Statism Illegal Immigration - The Scapegoat (A Liberty Perspective) Which Human Farm Is This? (Game) Troops Worldwide - Quit Your Militaries Collectivism/Anarcho-Communism - Planned Chaos Let Me Opt Out Don't Buy The Watch The Market For Liberty (Audiobook) FREE Murray Rothbard's "America's Great Depression" Additional Keywords: sarah palin john mccain education economy bush friedman hayek ludwig von mises institute immigration health care global warming supreme court bailout bail out drugs sex gay marriage election 2008 religion ayers new york times oil revolution free state project libertarian party freedom secession independence united states u.s. constitutionalist market anarchist anarchism anarchy mary ruwart bob barr michael badnarik government gun rights guns fascism communism secede civil disobedience law federal reserve department of homeland security feds fed sovereign tyranny irs john lynch taxation taxes tax real id rebellion police abuse campaign for liberty live free or die congress congressional district iraq war patriot act socialism slavery coercion force campaign for liberty cato Institute murray rothbard hayek milton friedman alan greenspan tim geithner united nations new world order senator Dr Ron Paul President Senate Congress Senator Congressman