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Staff Picks

Mike Malloy reads an email about Gabrielle Giffords Assassination Attempt

4y ago


In the days after the Arizona tragedy, Mike Malloy reads an email from Taradacktyl from concerning the Republican inability to take responsibility for the consequences of the toxic political climate they actively cultivate. If you thought that the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords, the murder of 5 other and the wounding of 14 attending a "Congress on Your Corner" event in Arizona would give right-wing hate peddlers a moment of reflection, then think again. With the successful right wing revision of Textbooks fresh under their belts, right wingers are wasting no time re-writing the events of last weekend by frantically attempting to excuse their violent hate rhetoric and branding Jared Loughner as a "left wing radical" while simultaneously propagating the old "Hitler was a Liberal" fallacy -- despite the fact much of the neo-conservative playbook is taken directly from the most fundamental tenets of fascism. The inconvenient truth for right wingers is that Nazism was characterized by extreme nationalism, military domination, xenophobia, authoritarian leadership, and opposition to liberalism... in other words, an undeniably far-right political ideology that was vociferously supported by many of Hitler's American Capitalist contemporaries whose pro-corporate at-any-cost agenda bears an irrefutable resemblance to today's right wing. ..... Text follows: Sometimes the stress of having to share the same air as people who put cross hair images on a graphical hit list targeting members of Congress and play it off like they were surveyor marks after an unbalanced loon brings the vision to fruition, is just too much to bear. When Palin released her statement saying the gun sites were now surveyor marks- knowing that she was clearly lying and had, at one time, proudly tweeted about her "bullseye" map, I had to say to myself, "does this woman think everyone is an idiot?" Then I remembered... oh right... thinking of yourself as superior and everyone else as idiots is a core character trait of a Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath...which Sarah Palin clearly is. Frankly, I think the new Right wing motto needs to be "Don't retreat -- Rewrite!" because they don't waste a moment trying to mold their lies into some version of reality to serve their ideological agenda. I get it, though. They HAVE to rely on spin and lies. You can't win a legislative debate by using facts if you're sole mission is to defend corporate interests manipulating the game in an inherently corrupt system. You have to use paranoia -- you have to make up things about "death panels" and play semantic games labeling every initiative that seeks to tamp down corporate power as "job killing" and "freedom hating"... it matters not that the rhetoric is based in outright fiction... but once they throw those hooks in the water, they shouldn't be surprised if some nutter takes the bait. They don't have the moral high ground, so they need to try and grab the narrative. Besides furiously trying to label Jared Loughner as a left-wing radical, Republicans aren't missing the opportunity to propagate the disingenuous "Hilter was a liberal" meme -- citing "Mein Kampf" on Loughner's reading list as if it was a liberal tome. They know that all they have to do is say it, and some people will believe it. Meanwhile, they conveniently neglected to mention Ayn Rand's "We The Living" made the list because it doesn't fit their misleading agenda. The pattern is clear: "The Party of Personal Responsibility" only sticks to that motto when trying to deny children a school lunch program. When it comes to taking "Personal Responsibility" for stoking fear and inciting unbalanced people to commit acts of violence....FORGET IT! So while NORMAL AMERICA calls for soul searching and civility in our discourse - the Right Wing monsters are still busy SPINNING US ALL AROUND for the sake of their dead-ender ideology. The hate, the lie...