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Staff Picks

Microsoft Surface, Getting Started with Web Design, and Forcing Your Older TV into the Future

4y ago


This week on the podcast we're taking a look at Microsoft Surface and the new features in Windows Phone 8, plus an surprising technology from Ford. We're also answering questions about getting started with web design and making your older television set work with devices it doesn't support. Show notes will be available at 1:00 PM PT at 00:45 News 01:05 Windows Phone 8 03:30 Microsoft Surface Announced 14:00 Ford Keyless Login 18:00 Determining Whether or Not a Statement Is Scientifically True 20:45 Questions and Answers 20:55 Should I get a Microsoft Surface or a laptop? 24:45 How can I start learning web design? 27:20 Can I connect an HDMI device to an old TV that doesn't support HDMI? 29:05 Show and Tell: Gunnar Technology Eyewear 32:15 Downloads 32:25 Windows/OS X: Doo 33:00 Windows/OS X: Torchat 33:20 Android/iOS: Waze 34:00 Android/iOS: Stitcher