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Staff Picks

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (Genesis) - Full Playthrough

4y ago


Difficultly: Hard Lives: 3 Deaths: 0 *Derp...* All Mickey's rescued, including 2 hidden ones. *Stage List & Time stamps* Stage 1 - Steamboat Willie 0:36 Stage 2 - The Mad Doctor 3:21 Stage 3 - Moose Hunters 9:49 Stage 4 - The Lonesome Ghosts 12:16 Stage 5 - Mickey and the Beanstalk 16:47 Bonus - The Band Concert 20:23 Stage 6 - The Prince and the Pauper 23:50 Ending - 36:54 Credits - 39:13 ----- Ah... such memories when I played this as a kid and I always got stuck on the Moose Chase level where I Game Over'd... then came the Lonesome Ghosts level... which got me a Game Over, then comes the Castle & Dungeon Level where I got a Game Over... then came to the Final Boss... and... you guessed it... Game Over. Good times... I'm surprised I even remember this game. Oh and by the way... that was by playing on Easy or Normal difficultly at the time... so in this video... I mix things up a bit... The only thing I can tell while playing on Hard Mode is that all the Checkpoints *The Rocket Fireworks* never show up, meaning that a simple death sends you back to the beginning of the level, also I think the enemies can take more abuse than usual or something... I personally say it only affects the Checkpoints. Mad Doctor Mickey & Band Leader Mickey are hidden in certain levels. the Mad Doctor Mickey is obviously found in the Mad Doctor Stage although hidden, and the Band Leader Mickey is found in a Bonus Stage hidden in the Beanstalk stage. I find both of them in this playthrough. I was more familiar with the Genesis version being that I played it while I was young, so that's why I choose this one to do. I may do the other versions... but only if you want me too... I personally say that this game remains a Gem in my book, I still have a copy of this on my Genesis... and now... the SNES version as well...