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#MicCheckWallSt Money Drop

4y ago


On Valentine's Day #MicCheckWallSt sent Seattle a message... on the face of hundreds of dollar bills. "Money can't buy love... but it can buy speech?!" the bills challenged in an effort to bring light to Citizens United—the Supreme Court ruling which declared money as speech, corporations as people, and effectively paved the way for unlimited corporate political influence through monetary contributions. This Fourth of July #MicCheckWallSt is organizing another money drop in Seattle with bills that will state "Money as Speech Silences Us All. End Citizens United" and as the bills go back into general circulation they’ll pass through the hands and minds of tens of thousands of Americans. To encourage the amplification of this action, #MicCheckWallSt has put together a template so anyone anywhere can organize a coordinated money drop. Visit for more info. Visit to learn more about the #occupy movement.