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lunch time

lunch time

Micah B. on a Cool Kids Beat (Zom-B! Exclusive)

4y ago


"Micah Zom-B!" Mixtape DOWNLOAD LINK: Micah B. Links: Facebook: Twitter: Myspace: ReverbNation: Tumblr: Lyrics: The beat bangs like its holding down a gang, I got the juice now yo Kool-Aid and tang, Micah Bee Got a buzz and it stang, Im the shit like it stank, punchlines got em open like a shank. On your girlfriends couch getting chewed Charleston. Money to the banks like Im visiting Carlton I bring the hose out like I'm watering the lawn. Listening to bone thugs blown out of mind yup. Flowing deep as oceans depths. Feeling like I'm Johnny Depp real Mad, not upset. Out of my mind. Not confined mean with music never kind. Creative as designs on gagas behind. I'm so coal like mine. break backs fracture spines of a beautiful dime. Hustle hard no free time,I feel its my time. Dude I gotta shine I aim to blind. Nice to meet you santeria its so Sublime. I keep it straight with ya like a lunch line. And I crunch every single verse like its lunch time. Schools in, grab a pen, this is where your notes begin. think something is wack then chances are it is. if chuck and mikey are missing don't listen to the cool kids. They probably luke warm, I run this bitch my shoes worn. This Jam be the cut and I aint talking bout Neosporin.