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the cannibal

the cannibal

Miami Cannibal Photo Controversy and More! Zombie Attacks: Part 2

4y ago


Zombies! Cannibals! Bath salts! There, we just summarized a week of cable news coverage. But zombie attacks aren't the only important aspect of this story. Should we be showing graphic photos of the cannibal attack? Do people need to see these things? And is the media distracting us with zombie coverage The Common Room crew is here in part 2 of its round table zombie cannibal talk! Have you looked at the graphic photos of the Miami cannibal attack? Do you think the media should be showing them? Do photos like that have a long term impact on a person? And is the media misleading us? Or should we be focused on non-zombie problems? Let us know what you think! If you liked this episode of the Common Room, please do us a big ole favor and share it with your friends... and hit that "like" button on your way out! We'd like to thank Brett Erlich, Hermela Aregawi, Nancy Yoon, and Anthony Rey Perez for joining us! Follow our panel on twitter! Subscribe to TYT University for more Common Room: Tags: "miami cannibal attack" "miami zombie" miami zombie "cannibal attack" "bath salts" maryland "cannibal bath salts" zombie "zombie attack" "zombie apocalypse" "zombie cannibal" "the common room" "the young turks" cannibal "pot legalization" marijuana drugs pot