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METROID: Encounter at Ceres Colony (Metroid Live-Action Fan Film)

4y ago


Metroid: Encounter at Ceres Colony is a live-action parody/fan film inspired by the beginning of in Nintendo's Super Metroid and influenced by the entire game series. This action packed short centers around Bounty Hunter Samus Aran who finds a baby Metroid hatchling and must take it to Ceres Space Colony for scientific research. Although she has battled Space Pirates including Mother Brain and Ridley she is not ready for what awaits her. - Filmed on Sony Alpha SLTA55V DSLR - 6 Friends - Budget $200; 2 Day Shoot FACEBOOK (mikeNgary) (Ryan Fitzpatrick) (Kelly Johnson) MUSIC: "Space Pirates" (End-Credit Music) by BrainForce V DOWNLOAD FREE: Music by Kevin MacLeod ( CAST & CREW: Samus Aran - Kelly Johnson Scientist #1 - Johnny Mello Scientist #2 - Daniel Newell Writers - Marcus Ross & Mike Underlin Editors - Mike Underlin Props & Costumes - Ryan Fitzpatrick/PlatinumFungi & Kelly Johnson Prop/Costume Designer PlatinumFungi's Channel: TAGS: Games Nintendo Wii Metroid Prime Shooter parody Action Samus Aran bikini ign ignentertainment games gaming video games gameplay hd Morph Ball official Metroid II: Return of Samus Super Metroid Metroid Fusion Metroid Prime Metroid: Zero Mission Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Metroid Prime: Trilogy Metroid: Other M fan film live action super smash bros. walkthrough mother brain Space Pirates Power Suit Zero Suit Samus cosplay bounty hunter Ridley Alien Aliens Prometheus trailer mb Shigeru Miyamoto space