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east rutherford

east rutherford

Metallica - Sad but true 1997 04 01 East Rutherford ,NJ[3CAM]

4y ago


Proof Metallica Does Support/Allow Fans Sharing Their Bootlegs: # **QUOTE FROM THIS LINK** Lars Ulrich (Drummer Of Metallica): Well, 1st of all, you have to remember that you're talking to somebody who advocates bootlegging, who has always been pro-bootlegging. We have always let fans tape our shows, we've always had a thing for bootlegging live materials, for special appearances, for that type of stuff. Knock yourselves out, bootleg the fuck out of it, we don't give. # **QUOTE FROM THIS LINK*** "Metallica encourages fans to record bootlegs of its concerts" # **QUOTE FROM THIS LINK** WE have always and will always continue to condone allowing people to record our concerts, to freely trade live concerts, interview. This is not what it is about, it's about the master recording that we have recorded and written and clearly own. We are not going after Napster for anything that relates to Metallica bootlegs, it's about Metallica Master studio recordings as they appear on our studio records. - Lars Ulrich # **QUOTE FROM THIS LINK** I really don't think it affects anyone...I mean, you know that there's really a lot of people into this shit, and no-one's gonna tell me the people who collect bootlegs are not gonna buy the new Metallica album when it comes out on the proper label. The people are die-hard fanatics who collect all this shit and, if anything, I think it makes the whole situation better. - Lars Ulrich on the topic of bootlegs From