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the public

Message to the Federal Reserve System #Anonymous

4y ago


Greetings, Federal Reserve System, we are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that since your founding in 1913 you have been trying desperately hard to deface the economy of the United States and corrupt it's once just government, and so far, you have succeeded and have well disguised yourself for almost a century. But now, the world is evolving and your lies are being exposed on a grand scale. We now know that you are solely responsible for the total corruption of the United States government. We now know that you are responsible for the laws bent on surpessing freedom and promoting censorship. We now know that you and you alone are responsible for arranging the deaths of good men and women who would fight against you such as John F. Kennedy. You are not a just and legal system, and we know now that you are the heart of the problem. You have cleverly arranged through others for the U.S. to go to war and pillage a countries natural resources and not allowing us to access our own. We know that you have destroyed the value of our dollars and stole all of the valuable resources for your own gain. And we know that you are a private bank and not the National Bank as you claim to be. Because this information is now known to us we have arranged for your demise. We will not show you mercy. We will not give you peace. And you will not have our silent cooperation. You are the bane of peace. You are the true threat to everyone. We know you are a serious opponent and we know you are the venom to the peace and prosperity of the 99% and for that, you must be destroyed. You may try to hold your ground against us through fear and deception, but the truth of the matter is, Anonymous does not fear you. You will be cast out of the world. You will be exposed to the public, and your control will be thrown into disarray. The Federal Reserve of the Global Elite will be destroyed and scales will be brought back into balance this economy is getting worse day by day, this needs to stop. There is nothing you can do to stop us and the masses. Your destruction is inevitable. Operation Vendetta, Engaged. We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, United as one, Divided by Zero, The voice of Anonymous, To the world as always, Expect us. via: Follow: