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the shade

the shade

The Melting Clock - I Call You Alice - Steampunk Music

1y ago


From the album "One Tiny Gear" due out in Spring 2012. For more info. come visit us at: Follow us on Twitter:!/themeltingclock Facebook: Draw the curtains and dim the lights Allow me to introduce you to my dark desire Take My hand and grip tight Come with me to the other side I call you Alice The name that means the noble truth And when I call you Alice I'm trying to find the truth in you The truth revealed If truth be told The truth would make your Blood run cold I feel you tremble I know you're afraid But I know you can't help but turn the page I call you Alice Reveal yourself to me Step out of the shade That broke the chain Return to the place Where a heart remains Cold steel and empty eyes The road leads where the ashes lie I held you close and I made you mine I held too tight and I watched you die I cast for you an anchor That weighs upon me still A world that we created Where nothing was real I wear the mantle of your words I bare the curse of when you said "You must face the facts my love. The truth is dead." Featuring the 1915 version of Alice in Wonderland.