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Mein Kampf Annotated Edition Planned by Bavaria: Jewish Groups, MEJPs Oppose Publication

4y ago


Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is set to be republished in Germany as an annotated scholarly edition. Bavaria, which owns the publishing rights to Hitler's book, has said that it will publish an annotated version of the controversial Nazi manifesto in order to make future publication of the book 'commercially unattractive'. The decision comes after a court battle was won against a British publisher who wanted to publish parts of 'Mein Kampf' along with comments from historians. The Bavarian State Finance Minister has said that he wants 'to make clear what nonsense [is in the book]' and to dissuade others from publishing it. As well as the annotated version being published by 2015, Bavaria also plans to produce an edition for schools that encourages a critical approach to the text. But the news has not been popular with the country's Jewish groups. Jewish News One spoke to Mordechai Tichauer, a Member of the European Jewish Parliament, who gave us his reaction to the news. MEJP Mordechai Tichauer: "Basically, an annotated version can be useful, but I think the freedom of speech should only go so far. To legitimise this book gives the wrong sign. Mien Kampf belongs in the trash-can of history and not in the bookshelves of today. Why publish anti-Semitic pamphlets that are going against the Jewish people?" Though the book is not banned in Germany, Bavaria which has the rights until the end of 2015, has not allowed reprints.