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take you away

take you away

Megan Fox (I Love You) Song - Gideon Taylor (Originals Track - Rough)

4y ago


Here is a song that started off as a random freestyle about Megan Fox and turned into me expressing my love to her. Comment, rate, subscribe, and literally just have a laugh :) I'm not trying to impress anyone other than her so all's good :P This video is rated 15 and above. LYRICS HERE: Megan Fox, I love you - Gideon Taylor Megan Fox is my absolute heroine, I inject her into my veins every night, And it's, very nice to watch her perform on 'Transformers' - it feels so right. They CGI'd her a lot for that, they actually made her "too pretty" apparently but I saw the real you, and not all those CGI's when I watch you on my TV... And I will take you away, and I will take you away. You've got me every day, Megan Fox. You were great in 'How to lose friends and alienate people', you were working with Simon Pegg, And he loved it, who wouldn't, He was also in Hot Fuzz, I liked him in that... But this song's about you, not him, I love that you were on the cover of Maxim, I stared at that paper longer than my homework, (Seriously, I'm surprised I'm not blind) Megan Fox I love you, Megan Fox I love you, Why can't you see, don't be married, Come on and live with me, in a house for three(somes) baby, Wouldn't it feel real nice, Let's get that champagne on ice, And then I'll stick something in you like my fist Or my large, throbbing penis... What the hell am I talking about, I'd probably think about it, and take you out to a nice restaurant, we'd have a great time, and then I'd take you home, to your place or mine... Where we'd share in our first most wonderful kiss, And then I'd blame my wet patch on the sprinkler sys-tem I'd then make you some British Tea while we talk about why you're not in Transformers 3... instead of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley... Megan Fox I love you, Megan Fox I love you, Jennifer's body is all for me, as you get on your knees wearing only a g-string and you start to tease me and unzip my jeans.... Oh, Megan Fox, Ooooh Megan Fox, Oooooooh Megan Fox, Oooooooooooh Megan Fox, OOOOOOH MEGAN FOX, OOOOOOOOOOH MEGAN FOX, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH MEGAN FOOOOX, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MEGAN FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX me :) This song was written and performed by me. I own the copyrights to this song and will take further action of people who plagiarise this song.