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when it falls

when it falls

MegaMan X6: Rainy Turtloid [ Xtreme Mode ] (Part 5)

2y ago


Inami Temple. The difficulty has increased substantially for this stage. The third rainy section is hell with Normal X. The enemies remain the same; they're just more numerous, especially in the third rainy section. ============ WARNING: BOSS ============ [Rainy Turloid (Level 1) ] Turtloid has become immensely stronger since his appearance on Normal Mode. You'll notice a lot of changes in his attacks. Even at Level 1, he still has a ton of health. On Normal Mode, the two emeralds don't start regenerating until both of them are destroyed. On Xtreme Mode however, the two emeralds regenerate independently. [Missiles]: Turtloid will release a bunch of missiles from his shell. These have limited homing capablities, as they can slightly move up and down. [Shell Shocked (Xtreme) ]: Turtloid will withdraw into his spiked shell and jump towards you. He will then attempt to run over you. As he approaches a wall, he will bounce towards the ceiling and land back on the ground. He will attempt to run you over once more after that. On Normal Mode, Turtloid would travel linearly and attempt to tackle you 4 times. [Meteor Spring (Xtreme) ]: This is no longer a Desperation attack. Turloid will hide in his shell and ram the walls 4 times while spurting out blobs of deadly water. This is the hardest attack to avoid, as your chances of being hit are about 95%. When Turtloid hits a wall, you won't be able to wall jump for about a second, just enough time to land on his spiked shell. Therefore, if you're using Normal X, DO NOT STAY ON THE WALLS. Dodging the rain is a hard enough feat, but to make things more difficult, you have to stay ahead of the spinning shell. The speed in which the shell travels only gives you enough time to dash across the room and jump off the wall once or twice. So if you get hit by the rain, the shell is guaranteed to catch up to you. On Normal Mode, it's rare to see him perform this attack. [DESPERATION: Meteor Rain (Xtreme) ]: Turtloid will withdraw into his shell and ram the walls 4 times. The speed of the shell is the same as in Meteor Rain. While traveling, he'll fire a blob of water that will rain diagonally. There is a delay between when the water is fired and when it falls. This is way easier to avoid compared to Meteor Spring. But like in Meteor Spring, the timing for avoiding the shell is very strict. This attack is only available on Xtreme Mode.