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Meet The Guvnor

4y ago


Prepare yourself for a hot summer in London! Lots of exciting events will make this city THE hotspot to be: a huge Lomography exhibition at the Museum Of London, the Queen’s Jubilee, the long awaited congregation of the world’s best athletes AND the release of the La Sardina Guvnor! The La Sardina Guvnor is a long overdue celebration of London, a place where Lomographers are continually inspired by architecture, Art, amazing events and fashion, and one of the strongest Lomography communities in the world. Tinted in Union Jack colours the Guvnor will lead you the way through all your analogue wide-angle adventures. Buy The La Sardina Guvnor: Crew: Producer: Ian Aryeh-Thompson Director: Sean O'Riordan Cinematographer: Andrew Alderslade Stylist: Russel Philip Peek Composer: Graham Hadfield Colour Grader & Visual Effects: Victor Tomi Cast: The Guvnor: Colin Vidler The Victim: Semih Sezan