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Me and my huge dog Wolf!

4y ago


I placed this vid on youtube because my dog is very special to me, so I wanted to see what you think about him. Our story: When I was a little girl, we had a Siberian Husky. He was my father's dog, though I didn't see him as a dog, he was my best friend. When I was 13 years old he got cancer and he died. I was totally devastated because I had lost my dog ánd my best friend. A year and a half later my sister was looking on a bulldogforum, because she wanted a French bulldog, and there stood this strange ad about an Alaskan Malamute in a Belgian shelter. My sister told us about it, because she knew how much I wanted one. So I begged my mom if I could please have this dog. After a few days of thinking my mom made a decision: She said yes, but under one condition that I would take the full care of the dog. But ofcourse mom ^^ So the following day we went from The Hague to Belgium to take a look. When I came in I asked for Wolf and told them about the ad I saw on the internet. They were very happy to see us and immediately openned his cage and Wolf (that's his name) walked out, omg I was in love! He was huge and beautiful and sweet! I looked at my mother and she said we could take him right along. I have to say that I found it really hard to take him away, because when we stepped into the car, all the people who worked at the shelter started crying, it was hard to see. I promised them I would take good care of him and that he would be treated like a member of the family. In the shelter we heard the story of his past, his former owner had up to 30 dogs. I was shocked, he was never really been walked bij his former owner, he wasn't even potty trained, and he had never heard of dogfood (only dry bread and water), and he couldn't walk the stairs. But for me, that was more motivating to help him, so once we got home, the big job started. But within 2 months I got him potty trained, he learned to walk stairs, he learned to know the beach and the sea , he learned to play with us, he learned to eat normal dogfood and much more. Now I got him for almost 3,5 years and he has really become my buddy! You mean so much to me, Wolf I love you! Wolfs character: Wolf is a very shy and friendly dog. He is very curious especially about food. Wolf can be scared, when you move to quickly and when he sees something he doesn't recognize he usually growls. I think this has something to do with his past. Wolf is also a happy face, when he looks at you with his mouth open it's like he's smiling to you. Wolf loves to play with cats, unfortunately cats don't always want to play with wolf. He likes to playand walk with me, but as every dog he also appreciates his rest.