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Mb love story (Yn story) Pt1 My life as a Movie star

4y ago


This story was co-writed by Gossseekers! All the clothes were made by her too..(I don't have a polyvore account) ----- Yn pov; Yn: I hate you -crying- Boy: Babey, I said I was sorry... Yn: Sorry. SORRY!!!. Sorry is just a word. Sorry don't mean anything to me. You know what were over. Boy: but what about all our our first kiss, the day I gave you a promise ring. Yn: like the day I CAUGHT YOU CHEATING. Boy: you don't have to leave. I can make this up to you. She was just a one-nighter. Yn: I don't know whether to laugh or cry. How could I be that stupid to fall for YOU, and to think you'd think I'd take you back... -walks out- Director: AND CUT!! Yes! a scene in one take. I walked out of the scenery and into my dressing room. I love my life as a movie star; I have been acting since I was 12 when I had my big break-through. Ever since then I've been asked to audition movie after movie. I am known everywhere I go. I have the best husband ever, Jacob Perez, or Princeton from mindless behavior. We have a child together; Monique .She's 9 months. We had kids quite young. We're only 21 now, but we had her young so that she wouldn't effect our futures. This is the first acting job I have had since giving birth as I wanted to see my baby's first steps, so did Jacob but that was not possible cause he had a 5 month tour. He is home at the moment; but he only has Tuesdays,Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays off. He only works for 3 days, but them 3 days are long and painful; he starts at 7 am and finishes at 11:30 Pm. Ikr. But luckily he don't go on tour for another 8 months, and he is on a 7 week vacation, I start my 7 week tomorrow.. I was looking in the mirror fixing my hair for the next scene when there was a knock on the door. Yn: COME IN.. Jacob: Hey babe, we wanted to come watch mummy didn't we? What monnie was wearing; Monique:-giggles- Jacob: yes we did -pokes her nose- Yn: did daddy buy you a new teddy? -kisses her cheek then pecks princetons lips- Princeton: yeah, I was bored.. So I went to build a bear.. We gunna go get bunny some clothes later ent we? Monique: -smiles- ghuu.. Yn: aww, well tonight we got a party and rayray and kay is gunna look after monnie.. Kay is my bestfriend, we grew up together. That's how her and Ray met. The boys were jamming at mine and Jacobs and Kay was coming round and they just fell for eachother. Princeton:Oh, cool. Babe, when do u finish work? Yn: I have one more scene.. Its an easy one.. I have to get in the car and drive away and decline a few calls that's it.. Prince: okaay we'll wait for you.. Won't we.. -tickles monique under her chin- Monique; -hands in her mouth- ghuuu -skipping to after the scene- I walked back into my dressing room, and Jacob was cradling Monique in his arms. Cute! He's such a good dad, and husband. I took Monnie from his arms, and she fell straight asleep. Jacobs: Mothers touch eh? Yn: must be, comon then babe let's go build a bear then drop of Monique. We got in to Jacobs car(he dropped me off this morning so I don't have my car with me) and I placed Monique in her baby seat. We sped off to. Build a bear. I woke up Monique with a kiss on her forehead, and carried her inside. She pointed to a pretty little dress, we bought it for bunny. Yn: babe, whilst were here at the mall can I go get a dress for that party? Jacob: Yeah, sure -hands her his credit card- Yn: thanks.. I left mine at home. The reason we have seperate accounts is so we know if we have got paid the right amount. All the bills come off my card, cause I earn the most. Jacob: I know -smiles- ima take monnie to the toy shop I have a few 100 in my wallet; okay? Meet me at toys r us? Yn: Yeah okaay :D!