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Mayor Cory Booker Reads Original Poem: "I will not lie down"

4y ago


After announcing the Dodge Poetry Festival will be returning to NJPAC later this year, Mayor Cory Booker reads an original poem. I will not lie down and I'll never say die Fallen to the ground - I still believe I can fly Curse me and you just make me strong Say I can't and I will prove you wrong Set your traps and unleash your fire I won't falter; I'll find a way to fly even higher In the end you may think I missed my goal ...But you will have it wrong; this is the secret to my soul: Success isn't about attaining some, prize, medal or pin It's not about what's outside, but about being faithful to what's in Don't judge one by their difficulties or how many times they fall See instead did they have the courage to stand when the world said crawl See if they held to hope when others turned to despair See if they gave love when no one else seemed to care See if they met every darkness with their unflinching light See if they stood their ground when others surrendered the fight Whether one lives long or is called home in their youth Our true obligation is every day to courageously tell our truth To play small, and deny the world your true spirit is perhaps the greatest sin So today, right now, YOU BE YOU, and you will always win. Official Website: Cory Booker on Facebook: Cory Booker on Twitter: Cory Booker on Google+: Cory Booker on Foursquare: Cory Booker on Quora: Cory Booker on LinkedIn: Cory Booker on Flickr: Join the Cory Booker Challenge!