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May 17, 1984 HBO promos

2y ago


Here are some vintage HBO promos from May 1984 before and after an airing of And Now For Something Completely Different. Here's the lineup: 1. The Hollywood Knights with Robert Wuhl and Tony Danza 2. Tootsie (I noticed the closed caption indent on this. Interesting...) 3. HBO bumper (video is a little rough) 4. HBO in Space (Feature Presentation) short intro (with some more bad video) 5. Ratings bumper (PG) 6. Columbia logo 7. Next On for Britannia Hospital with Malcolm McDowell 8. Blue Skies Again 9. Local Hero with Burt Lancaster 10. The Thing with Kurt Russell 11. HBO Video Jukebox intro (before the Rolling Stones' She Was Hot) 12. Brainstorm with Christopher Walken 13. Author! Author! with Al Pacino 14. Another HBO bumper 15. HBO in Space (Feature Presentation) long intro (in the fog) 16. Ratings bumper (R) 17. EMI logo Enjoy!