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Mark and Tom and Justin wakeboard vacation to KC Watersports

4y ago

Description So Mark Nenninger graduated with a degree in electrical engineering with a minor in math, so we decided to do a power vacation road trip to celebrate. The destination we chose for our mini vacation was a wakeboard park out in Kansas City named KC Watersports. The main reason we chose this particular wakeboard park is our good friend Justin Smith works there and we could meet up with Justin to celebrate Marks graduation and Justin's birthday all at the same time. The wakeboard park is only about a 10 hour drive from Denver and the driving directions are simple, just head east on I-70 and don't turn until you get there. We loaded up the ol' 1996 Lincoln Towncar PinPin Limousine and started driving from Denver to Kansas at about midnight on a Friday night. We drove through the night taking turns sleeping and driving. Driving though the night was nice on account of the weather was warm, like in the upper 80's and thats hot four us Breckenridge mountain town kids, and there is no air conditioning in the limo. We took our time driving, stopping for snacks and pancakes at iHop in Podunk Kansas. We finally got to the wakeboard park about noon on Saturday. When we pulled into the parking lot some dude flew off the road in his pick up truck into the ditch. Everyone was OK but it was a sight to see. Justin greeted us when we arrived at the park, we signed the required waivers, and got hooked up with all the gear we needed like wakeboards, life jackets, and helmets. Kansas is known for its delicious BBQ and lunch on the beach each day was BBQ sandwiches from a place called The Bank. The park has a cable system that drags riders around the lake. There are NO BOATS on the lake so the water is not choppy. Even if there are lots of people shredding at the same time the water is smooth and not wavy. The preferred method to get going is to start off on a dock, and hook up to the cable with a jump start. If you crash, you end up walking back to the dock. The park is way fun, its got lots of features to jib around on and a jump right near the beach. We rode all day Saturday entail the park closed, and after 8 hours of wakeboarding we were a little sore. Arms turned into wet noodles. When our arms could take no more, we headed into town where we had Birthday dinner for Justin, and finished off the evening at a near by bar. :) The next day, we went back to the park for more fun and water sports including some stand up paddle boarding with Justin's mom Julie! Mark and I went to high school with a fellow skateboard shredder named Dillon. Dillon joined up with us for day 2 and shared some of his stories of his world travel and overall super star adventures. We rode for most of the day the second day, then said our goodbyes and packed up the limo for drive back to Colorado. Plans for a return trip are already in the works so a wakeboard trip part 2 video can be expected in the future. Trailer Tom Facebook: ‪‬ blog: website: ‪‬