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tibetan people

tibetan people

March 9, 2009: Washington DC

4y ago


March 10th has been commemorated by Tibetans every year since 1959 as the National Uprising Day, when the Tibetan people united in revolt against the Chinese occupation of their country, and to protect their spiritual and political leader, the Dalai Lama. As the 51st anniversary approaches, I'll be posting videos that tell the story of that day in one way or another. Today I'm revisiting a short I made last year of a rally in DC, one of many events around the world in honor of 2009's 50th anniversary. To document March 10th this year, I'm planning a montage of various events from as many cities as I can gather footage from. If anyone will be shooting video or stills this Wednesday, and would like to share with this blog, please email me at Credit will be given to anyone who's work is shown, and will be much appreciated. on Director/Producer/Editor: Lisa Cathey Camera: Neil Barrett