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family business

family business

Marce Shirtmaker - Documentary

4y ago


This documentary highlights the story of a family business which was born from a true passion for the craft of making shirts. Mariano Arce and Antonio Rodriguez whom with their vision created what is today "Marce Shirtmaker" a brand that not only showcases their talent but also their dedication to making the perfect shirt and the new Guayabera concept. "We are a family business initiated by Mr. Mariano Arce “Marce” in his native Cali, Colombia. At the age of 20, Mr. Arce traveled to Europe. While in Spain and France he specialized in the technique of creating custom made shirts. "We are not a shirt factory; however we are artisans that create every shirt uniquely according to our customer’s specific desires. In recent years, Mr. Arce has been passing this legacy on to his son, Angel Antonio, who has inherited his father’s fine taste in shirts and guayaberas. Together, they are continually expanding the service and quality of their trade." Excerpt from their website. Visit them at: 2920 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, FL (305) 774-1480 ‎ · Guayabera: Find information about this great kind of shirt here Documentary Produced, Filmed and Edited by: Luis Arroyave Music by: Greg Walker Josh Woodward 2012