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Maps & Atlases - "Fever" Cover Contest

4y ago


Brought to you by Fender® TWO grand prize winners will receive one of Fender's new Pawn Shop™ Series guitars and a Fender electric guitar strings/accessories pack! To enter the contest for a chance to win, simply follow these instructions: 1. Capture your best rendition of our track "Fever" on camera 2. Upload your video to YouTube 3. Submit your "Fever" cover by posting it as a video response to this video 4. Share your video everywhere and get your friends to vote for your entry by liking your video 5. Only one video entry per person permitted 6. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EDT on August 31, 2012 7. Winners will be announced by September 10, 2012 8. One winner will be chosen by us (the band), and the other winner will be selected by all of YOU and receiving the most votes / likes for his or her "Fever" video 9. Have fun and good luck! Get a free MP3 download of "Fever" to play along to at Our new album, 'Beware and Be Grateful,' is also available now at iTunes: "Fever" Lyrics: When the fever passes At the bottom of The cotton in the background In the background of the flood Dry among the wet and the rotten When the fever passes Next to the brimming well The worst is more than over And anyone can tell When the fever passes And we're all back in our nests We'll be extravagant hosts instead of imposing guests And all that you know of this is what you have heard I'm not sure even the best of us Can care all the time When the fever passes When we don't know what to do We'll buy twice as many comforts Just like we used to do When the fever passes When the fever clears We'll look back on these quietly like they're someone else's years