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Mandela Story

4y ago


Leave your tribute name at An inspiring and creative tribute video conceptualized and put together by Prezence Digital to celebrate Nelson Mandela's life to date around a simple premise... "would the father of our nation havespent 27 years in captivity if he (and others) had access to the same technology, social media platforms and tools as we do today"?. The answer is simple Maybe not? We can't change the past but we can change the future. It is now in our hands. The 4 minutes long video tribute, has been a pure labour of love, beautifully put together, showing creativity from South Africa, Mother City Cape Town, with no financial gain to Prezence Digital or any individuals, but to raise awareness to encourage people to carry the torch of positive change from Mandela's example in turn, and do their bit (67 mins today and everyday). We hope you find the video inspirational and educational, hopefully deeply moving, thought provoking and resonates with everyone.. but also fun in a language we all understand today. Credits: Prezence Digital Production Initiative by Prakash Patel © Concept Idea and Producer -- @Prakash Patel_1 Executive Creative Director -- George Reed Senior Creative Designer -- James Maclachlan Senior Creative Animator -- James Maclachlan Animator - Jean--Pierre Allers Researchers -- Maxine Purdon and Chris Bailey And support by - Team Prezence @PrezenceDigital © Photography Credits AFP Getty Images ANC Avusa Bailey's African History Archives Bob Gosani © Baileys Archive Eli Weinberg/Mayibuye Archives Henry Grant/Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives Hans Gedda/Corbis Joe Tshabalala - private citizen James Maclachlan Karsh The Peto Collection, University of Dundee Sam Nzima Still from movie "Catch A Fire" - Universal Studios Music The Watermark High - Slow Motion Clarity