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Make this a better world, stand up for gay rights!

4y ago


I'm sick and tired of prejudice and bigotry... Learn to accept your fellow human beings as such! Hatred, discrimination and unequal treatment does nothing but damage society, and it's time for us to grow up as a species. Don't judge a person by how they look or who they love, judge them by how they treat others. Individuals with a homosexual, bisexual, transgender and whatever other self-identification are full-fledged persons with strengths and weaknesses, like everybody else, and they deserve the same rights and freedom. Shoving people into pidgeon-holes only serves to create "the other", an artificial enemy, and it drags humanity down. We don't need that extra conflict and animosity. Religion and spiritual belief is fine as long as it's not abused to denigrate people or inflict psychological terror upon them. Personally I think secular humanism is the better way, but as long as there is no unconsensual harm involved, you are free to do walk your own path. Let's spread this message and similar ones. I don't care whether you are gay or straight, liberal or conservative, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan or Atheist... Ignorance and close-mindedness are the common enemy, so let's fight it. Scientific articles: M. King, A. Bartlett, What same sex civil partnerships may mean for health (2006) A. Lister, How To Defend (Same-Sex) Marriage (2005) T. S. Dee, Forsaking all others? The effects of "gay marriage" on risky sex (2005)