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john searl

john searl


4y ago


I'm investigating the works of David Hamel, John Searl, Troy Reed, Charles J. Flynn, Jack Hildenbrand, Veljko Milkovic, Hector D Perez Torres, Joseph Newman, Teruo Kawai, Yoshiro Nakamats, Nicola Tesla, Wesley Gary, John Ecklin, Doy Presley, Howard R Johnson, Mike Brady, Sun et al and of course Reidar Finsrud in order to create energy out of nothing. This video illustrates how a spider uses the ambient oscillations to move himself around. He practically teleports himself from one place to another. my home page on the subject David Hamel John Searl Troy Reed Flynn research Jack Hildenbrand Veljko Milkovic Hector D Perez Torres Joseph Newman Teruo Kawai Yoshiro Nakamats Nicola Tesla Wesley Gary John Ecklin Doy Presley Howard R. Johnson Mike Brady Sun et al Reidar Finsrud