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my bad

Mad Jen's Debut Video

4y ago


Pardon my spur of the moment decision to start video blogging. It's a bit rough, but that's me, spur of the moment, yet completely willing to engage. They don't call me Mad Jen for nothing! The link to the summit I referenced in the video is here: The World Truth Summit: The Truth About Islam. I would like to clarify that the "local guy" who made videos about me didn't actually pester me, I found his videos by Googling my name...that just came out. My bad. I hope you'll check back often, watch my videos, comment, and of course share! You may find me online at and also listen to my radio show that airs every Saturday night at 9pm MDT. My radio show can be found at You can also find me on Facebook at and Twitter at @MadJen34. See you around the web!