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a journey

a journey

The Maccabees - VEVO Presents: The Maccabees (In The Dark)

4y ago


VEVO Presents: The Maccabees (In The Dark) - Groundbreaking live session with the Maccabees. The band and fans are captured using Xbox Kinnect cameras to 3D image map the space. Sit back and let The Maccabees take you on a journey through space and time.... Tracklisting: 1 Heave 2 Go 3 Grew Up At Midnight The Maccabees new album Given To The Wild is out now, buy here: Directors: Jamie Roberts & Will Hanke Head of Post & Design: Jamie Child Compositing & Animation: James Ballard Additional Animation: Yasuyuki Otsuki & Nishanth Shr...