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rubber tires

rubber tires

M113 Gavins THUNDER RUN! battle their way into Baghdad

4y ago


Nation-State War (NSW) combat footage of U.S. Army Soldiers in M113 Gavins fighting on the way to Baghdad in April 2003, showcases the 360 degree firepower of infantry standing up through the open top cargo hatch firing their rifles, grenade launchers and machine guns just like the climax of the movie THE DIRTY DOZEN--except this time its for REAL! Where are the GUNSHIELDS like Israeli M113 Zeldas have? We have known that ALL armored vehicles should have them since the 1963 Vietnam battle of Ap Bac..WTFO? What about all the MILES laser tag casualties suffered in mock war games over the years? Didn't this teach us anything, either? Or is gunshields "too war-like" for our pussified garrison Army? Watch how fast the gunshields, armor and armament comes off our vehicles once the occupation of Iraq winds down! The dumb marines are already cutting back on the MRAP truck purchases forced on them by an adult Congress that doesn't want Americans coming home in body bags: The lack of gunshields on our M113 Gavins in the 3rd ID (M) shown in this video is more proof of Army qualitative neglect due to Stryker truck madness hogging up all the funds beginning in 1999. The greatest tank of all time--the M113 Gavin---saves the day yet again--even with all the Army's monies going to crap Stryker trucks whose air-filled rubber tires couldn't have even made it through Iraqi fires to reach Baghdad--some Gavins had to be driven all 350 miles from Kuwait SHORT-TRACKED--trucktards have no idea what this is-- because they are too busy lying about tracks which they have no experience on. Ask a LAVoidiot or Strykerimbecile what "Short tracking" is. Experience their ignorance, "feel" their pain of the suction drawing hard on the emptiness between their ears.... Despite having no spare parts and no corrupt civilian contractor pampering, the M113 Gavins enabled the 3rd ID (M) to traverse a cross-country maneuver axis as an all-tracked, blitzkrieg force and hit the enemy with unexpected force to reach Baghdad first on April 3rd--the 75% wheeled truck marines were severely mauled by mere Iraqi rear guards with rifles and RPGs and were 6 days late reaching their assigned sector in east Baghdad--after the Army mech forces had collapsed Iraqi resistance so the gyrenes could make it there. An all-wheeled clusterfuck--Army or marine wouldn't have made it to Baghdad; had we been as FUBAR as the wheeled trucktards want is to be today, Saddam would still be dictator-in-chief in Iraq. The failures of the wheeled foot-slogger riflemen egomaniac USMC at Nasiriyah had they not been compensated by the tracked Army's advance in the west unhinging Iraqi resistance, could have empowered the Iraqis to resist bitterly--instead of surrendering in the face of Army tank power focused into THUNDER RUNS. Had it not been for Army men in tracks, the Iraqi invasion would have failed despite all the "RMA" firepower in the world. As it was, the USMC's AWOL/UA failures enabled Saddam and loyalists to escape under their very noses to start a rebellion against us in Tikrit; an insurgency that continues to today. Not being properly track-mechanized has strategic, operational, tactical and technical consequences---this is way over the heads of the trucktards and marines to fathom (like the naval term?) which is why we need to 100 mph (duct) tape their mouths shut so we don't have to hear their Oprah-style victim whining "how bad they had it" occupying Iraq with wheeled trucks that constantly drive into rebel road land mines in the aftermath of the nation-state war victory earned by Army Soldiers in TRACKS. BoarHawg writes: "I was a 19D Scout for 11 years, the first six on 113s, then the piece of s**t Brads. For Scouts, it couldn'...