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paper prototype

paper prototype

Low-fi web prototype II

4y ago


The original prototype video formed part of a two-hour presentation. Our client was initially exposed to the original concept on location but the team failed to relay the online marketing concept successfully. Vying to get the high-budget project approved we had to convey all the ideas effectively. We scheduled a follow-up presentation to define the scope and exact functionality of the online component. With the help of the senior-designer we created an informal story-board and proceeded to build a low-fi paper prototype of the proposed project. We used a video camera and utilized stop-frame techniques to record what we plotted out on our storyboard. Nick (the designer) popped the video into flash and inserted stop actions at pre-determined points - unlike the attached video which plays all the scenes in sequence. We had the video embedded in flash, which allowed us to pause the sequence at pre-determined points. Before playing each sub-sequence we explained to client what they were about to see. We presented client with a hybrid Navigational Taxonomy, the prototype and online reference of similar web-based 3D interfaces. We took a chance with this low-fi prototype -- and were the first to use it within our agency. The presentation ended with applause from our client(s).