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Loubins - Ill Do Me

2y ago


Lyrics: I guess this just had to be done. Verse 1: This for the n*ggas that ignored me before this. Taking credit for blows that I should be awarded. N*ggas claimin they supporters but neva really supported. Claimin that the fly but my planes already borded. Just getting started and I aint even underground. F*ck around let a n*gga go underground. Ill start speeding to the top and I aint buckle down. Excuse the waiting room Im heading for the lounge. These brauds get hype when im in here. Thriller bars you should already been feared. You know, They know. These brauds show me love no XO. God Damn where the hell my drink go. This box got a n*gga so skit-so. Although my flow so van-gho. White cup red drink sippin Monroe. New coupe I had to get the drop top. You not hot so just stop. Young nigga wit fiz like soda pop. F*ck divin in the p*ssy I belly flop. Baggin girls cuz n*gga I pull through. Leave metals for the girls I run through. Any givin sunday B*tch I Sun YOU. Chorus: Do what You Do I Do What I Do x3 N*ggas Talkin Sh*t but Sayin Nothin at All Ugh Huh Ugh Huh Ugh Do what You Do I Do What I Do x3 N*ggas Talkin Sh*t but Sayin Nothin at All Verse 2: Back on so the games in my hands. Underground King if you dont understand. Sizzling like a skillet and bubbling like a pan. Call this verse (BOMB)ardment thats word to Japan. N*ggas still hatin (ha) I love it. Cd on her wishlist its not in ya budget. Christmas comes around you spent the fall tryna duck it. She says you betta buy it for her to consider cuttin. Feelin like an Aztec worrior....Chicko (from the movie friday). Drink till a n*gga Black out....Emo. Went and got married to the game at Reno. Squinting at the competition like some Philippinoes. The competition just seems to be non existent. Neva Catch me asking for some assistance. Tryna cut her off but this B*tch so persistent. Spit that heat and keep it burning like incense. Chorus.