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june 10th

june 10th

Looptail / IGOR IOFE - "Willing to pray" (2012)

4y ago


"Willing to pray" by Igor Iofe Het Veem, Amsterdam. June 10th, 2012 Composers' Festival 2012, Conservatorium van Amsterdam Flute: Klaasje Nieuwhof Piano: Pascal Meyer - Looptail - Looptail is a new music sextet based in Amsterdam. Its members are recent graduates of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Formed during the Conservatory's Composers' Festival 2011, the ensemble focuses on working with composers of its generation and developing the alternative music scene in the Netherlands. Klaasje Nieuwhof - Flute Anna voor de Wind - Clarinet Rachel Xi Zhang - Percussion Pascal Meyer - Piano Jellantsje de Vries - Violin Antonis Pratsinakis - Violoncello Yu Oda - Artistic Director Follow us on facebook: For more information: Contact: Filming: Diego Ospina Melo/ D.O.M. Audiovisual Editing: Looptail Looptail | Stichting Earvision