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Long Distance Poison - Signals To A Habitable Zone - Signal II

4y ago


Music - Long Distance Poison Video - Matthew Caron From "Signals To A Habitable Zone" LP/DVD/HZ Signal Sync Blueprint - available from Fin Records here: After a few years of consistently dazzling live audiences in that most-jaded Earthbound portal of New York City, Long Distance Poison have released compositions via Thurston Moore’s label Ecstatic Peace and Steve Moore’s (Zombi, Maseroti) imprint VCO. Long Distance Poison have now created two pieces of true experimentation, laid out for Earth People on a vinyl slab: “Signals to a Habitable Zone”. In response to the work of controversial California astronomer Stephen Vogt, Long Distance Poison have utilized two distinct "signals," (songs for the stars) also set to visual accompaniment by director Matthew Caron and included on a separate DVD. Long Distance Poison are not in this simply for "good jams," nor as the result of heavy psychedelics intake, as a casual observer might imagine—quite the opposite, their creations are methodically structured and planned out, and at the root of each composition is a core concept, a distinct and pre-ordained reason to exist. The recording that you now hold in your hand, Signals to a Habitable Zone, represents the latest plateau in Long Distance Poison's voyage ever-upward, utilizing theoretical physics and astronomy (somehow a perfect fit with LDP's music) to quite literally reach for the stars, or more specifically a planet or planets, whereupon the life granted by a red dwarf star is possible. In the Summer of 2012, the musicians will be doing a live transmission, a performance before a live audience, as part of a sesquicentennial celebration of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, beaming the signals into space via ham radio. As a matter of usability, the two signals have been designed "universally," so they can be transmitted to any number of possible habitable zones—zones and planets that will be continually discovered due to the work of NASA's Kepler Mission spacecraft. So, what we have here, in addition to being an exercise in enjoyable listening in the realm of contemporary electronic music, also serves a purpose extending beyond mere entertainment into extra-terrestrial communication, arguably at a time when our planet is most in need of "outside" consultation. You can choose your level of enjoyment and/or participation with Signals...—play the record, play the record and the DVD, or play the record, the DVD, and also build and use the HZ Signal Sync (blueprints included in this package), thereby creating optimal settings for the transmission of these signal-songs to a habitable zone. So listen, enjoy, and know that somewhere out there, a kindred spirit in a neighboring galaxy may be listening, too. Nathan Cearley plays a Minimoog Model D, Roland JX-3P with a PG 200 controller, a DSI Mopho keyboard, and an Arp Omni 2. Erica Bradbury plays a Roland Juno-60. Casey Block plays a Micromoog. MIDI Free Records produced by Brendon Anderegg and Nathan Cearley. Recorded at Telescope Recording Brooklyn, New York All songs Baby Ghost Music (ASCAP). Mastered by Martin Feveyear.