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Staff Picks

London to Iceland in Two Minutes

4y ago


A time lapse of a trip from London to Iceland on where I captured almost every moment across 52,000 still photos and cut them down to about 3,000 here. Full disclosure - Icelandair allowed us to film on the planes and covered some of our trip, which was a huge honor. But this remains, as always, a personal project of mine ( that I do just for fun. Music is The Glitch Mob - Starve The Ego, Feed the Soul (Sub Swara Remix) Huge thanks to Jessica Zollman ( and Michael O'Neal ( who came with me, collaborated, art directed, planned and made the whole thing possible. ** Thanks for The Support ** Icelandair, again, RULES. Several other companies, mostly in Iceland, contributed services and support to help us on our way, so we owe them a big thank you as well: * - HORSES * - snorkeling * - rafting * - data plan * Sony Erickson & WeMakeCoolShit - gear & project support * Hertz Iceland - fly whip ** Details ** There were 52,052 still photos shot over eight days from Seattle to London to Iceland to NY, starting on July 14th, 2011 and going to Friday July 22nd. This is the first moving time lapse I've ever done, where the camera wasn't on a tripod the whole time, and is by far the most complex. I spent about 80 hours shooting and 200 hours editing. There is only a few seconds of video in this time lapse - it's mostly a world made up of still photos. Even the slow motion is made with Twixtor in After Effects. Check out for more 'lapses or follow me for the latest, and a whole bunch of nonsense tweets.