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keep the faith

keep the faith

London Olympics 2012 - Olympic Theme song performed by DONNA MCDANIEL

4y ago


BUY at: ALL THAT I AM - performed by Donna McDaniel written by: Arlene Matza-Jackson, Jon Jackson and Marty Irwin This song is dedicated to all the incredible Olympic Athletes WORLDWIDE. The men and women who inspire us with their incredible perseverance to be the best. Inspiring to say the least. Get into the Olympic spirit and dedicate it your favorite Athlete (s). Leave a comment please. Enjoy! Also available at All That I Am ALL THAT I AM Stand tall The stillness of my heart Hears the call The vision of my life The dreams that never die Have finally found the miracle inside One voice Echoes through the world All rejoice With every breath I take There's a promise that I make To see the light and always keep the faith CHORUS: All that I am Is the spirit of you When you give that moment, my moment of truth All that I am Comes shining through The power's in my hands With all that I am I rise Beyond the road of hope As I fly Upon these wings of gold The fire that I hold Keeps the passion burning in my soul CHORUS bridge: The flame that never dies is reaching for the sky lighting my way through the dark CHORUS REPEAT (VAMP OUT) Written by Arlene Matza, Jon Jackson, Marty Irwin Alethea Music, Dolphin's Dream, Irwin Music c USED BY PERMISSION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Congratulations Gaby Douglas, Michael Phelps..