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art director

art director

空中樓閣 Loft in the air

4y ago


《空中樓閣》(2012) 聯合導演:陳浩倫 林森 出品:香港天主教勞工事務委員會 如欲舉辦放映會/ 座談會/ 培育活動,請聯絡勞委會2772 5918 簡介: 家住中產屋的阿強(父)想以「買樓收租」維持安穩生活,以為「香港無死人,只有窮人,只有股票跌,人工跌,樓價永遠唔會跌 」是香港人的金科玉律。他在金融海嘯前,錯信地產經紀兼死黨阿華賣樓失利而破產,與玉薇(母)、iris(女兒)舉家搬到深水埗天台屋後.玉薇每天工作十四小時、iris在同學面前隱暪基層身份、社工告訴阿強,公屋申請人要有「自殺傾向」才獲恩恤安置。面對殘酷的社會、沒良心的政府和窄小的居住空間,三人才明白「金科玉律」,其實是「香港惡夢」,幾番聲淚俱下,破口大罵。他們在委屈求存的環境下想起阿華的金句「一個自己住、一個租出去,收租等於幫你供樓」,才明白以「買樓收租」這種經濟炒賣活動來維持安穩生活,實情是七百萬人遙不可及的「空中樓閣」。 攝影:陳家信 剪接:陳浩倫 燈光:黃錫強 收音:鄧學麟 字幕:李安欣 美術:勞麗麗 配樂:黃衍仁 題字:葉浩麟 製片:吳秀華 製作特輯:陳美霞 葉素儀 演員: 李玉薇 飾 玉薇 吳錦泉 飾 阿強 陳人鑑 飾 阿華 邱嘉俞 飾 Iris 吳國偉 飾 老師 香港天主教勞工事務委員會網站 Loft in the air (2012) Film Overview: Keung (Father) is a Hong Kong middle class who wants to maintain s stable life through earning money out of rental property, as he believes the property market in Hong Kong will remain stable. Keung went bankrupt after the financial tsunami as he mistakenly trusted his best friend Wah and brought a flat at the peak of the market. After moving to the rooftop house in Sham Shui Po with his wife and daughter, the family starts facing challenges and difficulties that they have never expected. Mei (Mother) working 14 hours per day to earn a living; Iris (Daughter) feeling embarrassed to disclose her life as a grassroots to her friends; Keung having difficulty in seeking help for his application of public housing. After experiencing the brutality of society, they have come to the realization that the "stable life" they pursued was merely a fabrication of capitalism; and dream of earning money out of economic speculation is reachless. Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labor Affairs Production Directors: Chan Ho Lun Fredie , Lam Sum Camera: Chan Ka Shun Lighting Designer: Leo Wong Sound: Cyrus Tang Subtitle: Lee On Yan Art Director: Lo Lai Lai Calligraphy: Ip Ho Lun Roland Music: Wong Yin Yan Editor: Chan Ho Lun Fredie Making of: Chan Mei Ha, Yip So Yee Producer: Connie Ng Sau Wah Casts: Lee Yuk Mei, Ng Kam Cheung, Chan Yan Kam, Iris Yau Ka Yu, Ng Kwok Wai, Wong Yin Yan, Kwok Po Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labor Affairs Website