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Liz Cambage Becomes First Woman To Dunk During Olympics Game

1y ago


Liz Cambage will always have a place in Olympics history after friday. Cambage, a center for Australia, became the first woman to ever rise up and throw down a dunk during Olympic play. That is certainly a great way to make a mark on the 2012 Summer Olympics. At 6'8, Liz Cambage certainly has the height to throw down a rim rattling dunk and she took advantage of it. I am actually shocked that no woman dunked a ball before this. There had to have been a blow out where someone was able to go up during a fast break but I guess not. This is quite a way to make a name for yourself at the Olympics. A lot of people probably had no idea who Cambage was but now she is going to be known. Dunking is still a big deal in women's basketball and it is always fun to watch. When it happens in a big game like this, it's even better. Being the first in history to pull something off is a pretty special feeling. I do not think I have been the first to ever do anything, so I am only guessing on this. Dunking is pretty cool and being the first to do it in an Olympics game just has to feel amazing. Her teammates went wild and so did everyone who was watching the game. They were probably not expecting a dunk, which made it even better. Liz Cambage will always be known as the first woman to throw down a dunk in the Olympics. Although she will probably not be the only person (cough, Brittney Griner, cough), she will always be the first one. That is a big deal, no matter which way you slice it.