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Living In Limbo: Women, Children, and the Right to a Nationality

4y ago


On July 5, 2012 the U.S. led a resolution, along with Botswana, Colombia, Mexico, Iraq, Turkey, and Slovakia, passed at the Human Rights Council (HRC) entitled, "The Right to a Nationality: Women and Children," addressing the issue of discriminatory nationality laws targeting women, which can lead to statelessness. It is the first time the Council will address the issue of protecting both a women's and a child's right to nationality, a human right that has long been under-recognized. This resolution supports Secretary Clinton's initiative to promote women's equal right to nationality, which emphasizes that women's rights are human rights, as outlined in her Remarks at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Ministerial on the 60th Anniversary of the Refugee Convention in December 2011. In this video, Secretary Clinton discusses the importance of addressing statelessness and two Lebanese women tell their stories.