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trailer trash

trailer trash

A Little Summer Of Love | A Guy Called Gerald on 303 HR | They Call It Acid

4y ago


A visual art exhibition celebrating the early years of acid house kicks off with a very special event on Saturday 30 June which is also the launch party for a superb compilation of classic British house on Strut Records.* The event presents the graphic art of DAVE LITTLE; the photography of DAVE SWINDELLS and a private preview of GORDON MASON's acclaimed documentary film 'They Call It Acid'. The launch party will also feature a live performance of the first British acid house tune, 'Voodoo Ray' by A GUY CALLED GERALD feat. DIANE CHARLEMAGNE**, as well as DJs NOEL WATSON (Delirium), KID BATCHELOR (Bang The Party, Confusion), RICHARD SEN (Strut Records), and other pioneering house DJs alongside current acid house renegades PARIS' ACID BALL (Hannah Holland and Dan Beaumont of Bastard Batty Bass, Disco Bloodbath, Trailer Trash and many more messy parties). It will be held in Westbourne Studios, an ideal location to exhibit artwork and project it onto triple-height walls and screens, with a 64-seater cinema room, an intimate bar-come-dancefloor and a huge central area which is by turns a performance space, an exhibition area and a chill-out zone to kick back and watch the visuals... A Little Summer of Love will be free before 9pm, £8 after (incl £3 donation to music charities) * 'Richard Sen presents This Ain't Chicago, the underground sound of UK house and acid 1987-1991', will be released by Strut Records on June 25. The CD will have its launch party at A Little Summer of Love. The sleeve notes and photography are by Dave Swindells. ** A Guy Called Gerald's seminal track, 'Voodoo Ray', is to be re-released with fresh remixes by A Guy Called Gerald and Francois K on July 2.