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Litigation and support services by HSDA Investigations

4y ago


Litigation support services HSDA Litigation support services and consultants provide a wide range of services to help lawyers, law firms, and legal departments prepare for litigation, including creating and displaying exhibits and displays, forensic computer issues and data recovery, private investigation, expert witness searches, mediation and facilitation (ADR), child custody evaluations, records and deposition summaries, nursing, and jury consultant services. Accountants Accountants offer a wide range of litigation-related services. A forensic accountant can provide services including audits, and review of accountant performance and financial documents for fraud, misconduct, or violation of industry standards. When concerns about fraud, abuse, embezzlement or accounting irregularities arise, Kroll has the investigative prowess and accounting expertise needed to uncover the facts and determine whether the numbers add up. How We Investigate HSDA forensic accountants examine and analyze relevant business records, reconstruct books and interview involved parties. We uncover relevant facts to determine: * if suspicious activity has occurred * how long it has been in progress * how it was concealed * the value of the impact Additionally, we are able to quantify losses as a result of the fraud, helping to drive recovery, litigation and insurance claims strategies. HSDA has extensive experience in assisting clients who are subject to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our forensic accountants evaluate previously issued accounting statements, determine whether a misstatement occurred, quantify the amount of the restatement and establish the cause. Subsequently, we can make recommendations for corrective action and assist in dealings with the SEC. Alternative Dispute Resolution Dispute resolution professionals and services can provide assistance with preparation for alternative dispute resolution, including evaluative mediation, facilitation, arbitration, and case evaluation. They also typically provide dispute resolution services. Case Evaluation A case evaluation service will review facts, evidence, documents, and other available information in order to determine if there is a viable legal cause of action, and to suggest possible approaches to litigation. Such a review can help reduce the cost of litigation, increase the chances of settlement, and help attorneys avoid filing lawsuits which are not viable. Many medical malpractice lawyers have their cases reviewed by doctors or legal nurses.