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LITA FORD Interview

4y ago


We recently caught up with LITA FORD on an off day on her current tour with Poison and Def Leppard at Buster's in Lexington, KY. Evil G. spoke to the Queen of, First Lady of and pioneer in metal, about her new record "LIVING LIKE A RUNAWAY" (SPV/Steamhammer Records). She discusses how she got producer Gary Hoey for this record, how she feels about this one compared to a previous release "Wicked Wonderland," how the title of the album actually became a song and a funny story about the shoot for the cover of her album and how it lead to a "runaway" from police. Lita also is openly candid about her messy divorce, not seeing her children and how "Living Like A Runaway" is a record that was written at the darkest part of her life and true catharsis for her and how she hopes it can help others get through tough times too. Be sure to check out the LITA FORD feature article in the current Alternative Revolt Magazine! LITA FORD: BARE BONES MUSIC: ALTERNATIVE REVOLT: STEVEN MOLINE PHOTOGRAPHY: