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online video

Link your YouTube account to a domain for SEO [The Reel Web #45]

4y ago


In a recent update from YouTube, they're adding a feature that lets you create a link between your YouTube channel and your website's domain. They say that making this connection will greatly improve your videos' rankings SEO in search, so they highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this new feature. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how to actually find the setting for this feature! They also added the ability to set certian defaults for each of your new uploads so that your appropriate metadata automatically includes some common description text, tags, category, and other settings that are common across all your videos. Other updates include an option to give the Nielsen rating group access to your YouTube data, YouTube joining Pinterest, and what's going on behind the scenes at YouTube when a video's view count freezes at 301 views. QUESTION: How do tablet viewers change your videos and engagement? -------------------------------- YouTube Partner Product Bulletin YouTube on Pinterest Why do YouTube views freeze at 301? Nielsen YouTube Partner Reporting Paid Video Viewing is Shifting to Tablets -------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE RSS FEED SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! The Reel Web is a weekly show that highlights the news from the online video world every Monday here on YouTube and at LET'S CONNECT!