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Limitless (Original Composition)

4y ago


Hello! This composition is a little more different... It's an investigation of unity, how the world has become what it has today - Multiculturalism. Cultural standpoints influence one another interchangably , world views are constantly changing and its impact on art has been substantial. This piece expresses all voices shrouded together to highlight unity, a seesaw idea that the world keeps shifting to and fro. This piece was influenced by Dumbfoundead's (American Youtube Rapper) "Jam Sessions 2.0": This is the first piece i used which contains spoken word, and i felt it would be appropriate to sample the speeches of two influential men from different parts of the world, Mahamat Ghandi and Barrack Obama. Already, despite what beliefs everyone here has, it is without a doubt that these two men work to strive some aspect of unity, in their lives or in their work, and i have reappropriated some of their greatest speeches together in the context of unifying music. From Asian heritage, i begin the piece with an oriental vibe eventually leading it's way to the genre of hip-hop (apart from being a favourite genre of mine) which has been popularised through American culture. I explore the Americanised world with elements of Asian, African and eventually Western music (strings) to the eventual development of our music today (digital soundscapes) for a collective Jam Session. With all the cultures combined, there are endless possibilities, and together we are 'limitless' Composed by Zorsy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter: Download/purchase my first original album 'Zenith': ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~Zorsy